Dog Spa Services

The Essential Spa Bath

A thorough inspection of the skin and coat, a pre-bath brush, a hydro-therapy bath with personalized shampoo, a facial scrub and massage, high-velocity blow-out, and a light after-bath brushing (any additional brushing/dematting will be extra).

Puppy Bath

First Class Spa Session

Session includes the “Essential Spa Bath”, a nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and a breath freshener.

Puppy in Bath of Flowers

The Spa Spectacular

Includes the “Essential Spa Bath”, a nail trim, nail buffing, ear cleaning and hair pulling, anal glad expression, breath freshener, and a customized haircut.

The Royal Treatment

Treatment includes the “First Class Spa Session” plus a maintenance trim (sanitary area, feet, and face).

Go Green

Ask for the “Go Green Package” and we will use all natural products on your pet.

Soothing Plants

Additional Spa Services

Hot-Oil Treatment

After the bath, a warm, deep conditioning treatment using essential vitamins and natural oils is applied to the dog. They are then wrapped in a warm towel to help the oils work to their fullest extent. This treatment can restore shine to a dull, lifeless coat, moisturize dry skin, detangle long coats, and it also provides a static-free beauty and shine as the end result.

Canine Massage

Call now to setup up your
appointment for a canine massage with our certified professional dog massuse.

Paw Pad Treatment

Paw pads will be scrubbed with a pumice stone, nails will be clipped, buffed and an all-natural paw “butter” will be applied to help soften dry, cracked paws.


Dayspa Experience

Sugar Scrub

After the bath an all-natural honey-vanilla sugar scrub is applied to the dog while a warm towel is wrapped around them. This scrub is good to exfoliate and rehydrate the skin and it’s also an excellent way to remove dead skin and promote the regeneration of new skin cells. This is great for dogs with dry, flaky skin and also oily skin/coats.

Ala Carte Services

• Nail Buffing
• Anal Gland Expression
• Teeth Brushing
• Deshedding Treatment
• Flea Funeral
• Creative Color for Nails/Hair
• Ear Bling