Q: How can I schedule appointments?

»     A. You can call (843) 849-5444 or email us at info@pleasantpawsdayspa.com.

Q. Do I need to bring anything special to the appointment with me?

»     A. If you are a new customer, we request that you complete a release form. You can download the Grooming Release Form and have it completed prior to your appointment for faster service. We also require a copy of your pet's current vaccinations. The vaccination copy can be brought along to the appointment or it can be faxed to (843) 849-5446.

Q. My dog is shaking—does that mean that he doesn’t like the groomer?

»     A. Not necessarily—He might just be excited from the car ride or he may be afraid that he’s headed to the vet! Dogs are intuitive creatures; any anxiety that you have about dropping them off will be felt immediately by them. Think of it like dropping kids off at daycare—say a quick and painless goodbye and rest assured that they will settle in once you leave!

Q. Do you accept walk-in clients?

»     A. We are happy to take nail clipping and bath clients on a walk-in basis from 9am–12pm (Monday through Friday). Almost all of our business is by appointment, so even though we will stay open until 5:30pm we may leave early if all the dogs have been picked up. All other spa services require an appointment.

Q. How long will my dog have to be there?

»     A. We open at 8am. Generally, the sooner you bring your dog the sooner you can get them back. We would like most dogs dropped off by 10am, but may take them as late as 1pm, if our schedule allows. To get your dog prepped, bathed, dried, and trimmed properly will usually take about 3–4 hours with some down time between each step. However, if you are working under time constraints please let us know when making your appointment and we will work with your schedule as much as possible.

Q. Do you clean the dog’s teeth?

»     A. We provide breath freshening during the grooming process. We do have teeth brushing available for an extra charge. But an actual cleaning needs to be done by a veterinarian. It is something that can be discussed during your appointment.

Q. Will you demat my dog?

»     A. Severely matted dogs WILL receive a “smoothie” unless you choose to bring them somewhere else. In most cases trying to demat a dog causes anxiety and pain on top of already sensitive and irritated skin. We do not want them thinking a trip to the groomer is an awful and painful experience. We MAY demat for an extra fee but ONLY if the mats are not bad and the dog is receptive to it.

Q. At what age should I get my puppy groomed?

»     A. Dogs that will require regular grooming and haircuts should be brought as soon as the second round of vaccinations has been given. It is very important to get them used to things like the bathtub, the blow-dryer, nail trimmings, etc…. However, we do try to make these initial trips to the groomer as fun and stress free as possible for them!